When can I start?


Our classes run on a rolling basis, continuing from month to month. Your child will be automatically rolled into the new month unless you tell us you are withdrawing.




Can I start a class after the monthly session is underway?


Joining a class after the session begins is not a problem, as long as there is a vacancy; tuition will be pro-rated relative to the starting date. 


Do you offer trial classes?


A drop in class for students not currently enrolled in our program is $18.00. Should you choose to enroll, the $18.00 goes toward your first month’s tuition. 


What do I do if the class I want to register for is full?


You can be placed on a wait list; until there is an opening available. All wait list spots are first come, first serve. Call the office for details (732-223-4060)



How do I register for a class?


Registration is available in person or by phone. Payment is expected at time of registration for classes, camps, and special activities. 


What if my child misses a class?


We offer makeup classes, please check with our office to schedule the appropriate class. 


Why do I have to pay a registration fee?


The registration fee defrays sales tax requred by law, and covers a portion of our liability insurance cost. This is due upon initial registation and is due again each year in September. $30.00 for new students, and $20.00 for returning students. A family discount rate is also available, please inquire with our office. 



Do you offer a discount for siblings? 

YES! Discounts apply to Gymnastics and Tumbling. Please inquire with our office. 



Do you offer a multi-class discount?


YES! If a student participates in multiple classes, he/she will receive a discount on the 2nd class. Please inquire with our office. Some discounted classes or special programs are not eligible. 


What should my child wear to class?


Girls may wear a leotard (no skirt), hair puilled up or back, no jewelry. Shorts or leggings are allowed. Shorts and fitted t-shirts are allowed if your child is uncomfortable in a leotard. 

Boys may wear gym shorts with no buttons, zippers, or buckles, and a fitted, tucked-in t-shirt.

Gymnasts do not wear shoes/socks in the gym.


Can I change my child’s class that we originally signed up for? 


Please check with our office, as the class you’d like to switch to may already be full. 


Are parents able to stay and watch...or come into the gym?


Yes and No. We have a lobby area with viewing windows from which you can see most of your child's class. Unless your child is in a parent participation class, our insurance mandates that parents are NOT ALLOWED in the gym. *At this time we currently encourage parents to drop and go. Due to Covid-19, there are procedures the gym needs to follow in order to keep our athletes and staff safe. 


Each gymnast will bring a bag to put all of their belongings into (clothes, shoes, water bottle, any personal items). 


Please pack a water bottle with your child’s name or initials on it, as our water cooler is currently shut off. 


Please do not arrive more than 5 min prior to your class time. 

 Once the coach opens the gym door students may enter. 

All athletes will enter through our double doors nearest the bathroom where a coach will be waiting. We will not release anyone until we see you are there.


The gym is disinfected every day and cleaned in between all rotations and classes. Weather permitting, we keep all windows in the gym open for fresh air circulation. 


Snow days

Please call 732-223-4060 and listen to our message for closings. We offer make up classes for snow days . Please inquire with our office for scheduling a make up class.



If your child’s class falls on a holiday that we are closed, we do not offer makeup classes or discounts for that month’s tuition.